We want to give you a look behind the scenes of our coffee roasting operation and tell you a bit about what makes us different.  

Zeke’s uses a Hot Air Fluid Bed Roaster (known as a Sivetz Roaster) to produce the delectable coffee you’ve come to love. Sivetz Roasting sets itself apart from drum roasting in a couple ways...

Sivetz Roasters use hot air that is continually passed through the beans to roast them; a heating process called convection. This differs from the traditional drum roasting process where the coffee beans are roasted through a combination of conduction (beans being heated through direct contact with the heated drum) and convection (the beans being heated by the air inside the drum).

By constantly forcing air through the beans, Sivetz Roasters reduce the burning and smoke associated with drum roasting. The bitter and acidic flavors oftentimes attributed to coffee comes from beans being exposed to the smoke from burning chaff and oils the beans release during roasting.

Zeke’s Coffee Pittsburgh is able to significantly reduce coffee bean exposure to both of these elements by using a Sivetz Roaster. The result is the clean, smooth flavor found in all of our roasts.



Sivetz Roasters are digitally temperature controlled and can sense the temperature of the beans during roasting. This technology allows for greater control and accuracy in the roasting process. 

When trying to reach a particular roast profile, the Sivetz Roaster can be set to a precise temperature and monitored. No guesswork! This is how Zeke’s Coffee Pittsburgh is able to produce a consistent product that is consistently delicious. 

So, there you have it - the secrets behind our delicious coffee are hot air and precise roasting temperatures! Oh, and love.  If you have any questions or thoughts or ideas, let us know.

Until the next time, take care and drink good coffee! 

You can reach us by email at: [email protected]